Client portofolio

During the over 15 years of professional activity, we have collaborated with numerous clients, natural or legal persons, from the country or abroad, the majority of our clients being professionals.
We are proud of the fact that we have guarded with dedication and professionalism the interests of our clients, mainly in the commercial, the administrative and fiscal litigation, the insolvency legislation field, as well as in purely civil matters, respectively in the family field, of the contractual/criminal civil liability, forced enforcement, of social security and labour disputes.

In addition, through the efforts and the work done, taking into account the passion shown by the entire team, including collaborating lawyers who have completed their internship over time in our Law Firm, we managed to cross the borders of the country and represented successfully the client’s interests before the Court of Justice of the European Union, in Case C-586/14 Budișan v. Romania, the Court essentially holding that,
as an effect of the regulation of the environmental stamp, the orientation of the buyers from the fiscal/economic point of view is towards the cars from the national market, with the former car taxes paid and not recovered, while the purchase of the vehicles registered in other Member States of the same age and wear is discouraged. by applying the environment stamp.
Also, we are currently waiting for the resolution of Case C-269/19 Oros, the Cluj Court of Appeal notifying the Court of Justice of the European Union with four preliminary questions, the purpose being to eliminate the non-unitary practice at the national level in the matter of the actions for the annulment of the abusive clauses of bank contracts regarding the mechanism of establishing the interest rate, after finding out the abusive nature of the interest clauses.

We are grateful for the fact that those who have opened our door, permanent clients or with whom we have had successful collaborations over time trusted and continue to trust us, among which we list, for example, the companies ART GRAFIC SRL,  ASO INVESTMENT SRL,AMADI LOYAL TRANS SRL, BEST MOFETA SRL, BUGHERO EXIM SRL, COMPUS CONSTRUCTII SRL, EBE CODEX SRL, LIDERPLAST SRL, LAFARGE RMX SRL (actuala CRH RMX&AGREGATE SRL), PANLACTO-VICTOCRIS SRL,  SERVOFLUID SF SRL, STAL CONINST EXPERT SRL, TRANSEURO CONSTRUCT SRL, TUDORTECHNIK SRL, VANEX SRL, etc.

As the client portfolio represents our business card, and at the same time reflects the result of collaboration with those who recommend us, our team’s priority is to use all the diligence and efforts necessary to achieve the clients’ interests by offering highly professional and customized legal services according to of the profile of each case.
We wait that you have your own opinion about us acquiredduring a professional collaboration, which can start only on the basis of a prior appointment by accessing the data from the “Contact” section.