The individual law firm Neamț Cristina Gabriela together with the team of collaborators offers you specialized consultancy, support and legal representation services before all courts, as well as before other public and private entities in the country and abroad, in civil matters, mainly in the field of civil, commercial, fiscal and insolvency law.

By virtue of the principle according to which the interests of the client are those that prevail,during our activity we perform all the necessary diligence to provide clients complex and quality services, so that at the end of our collaboration we are able to obtain the greatest victory - a satisfied customer.

We offer you specialized services of consultancy, suport and legal representation especially in the civil, commercial, fiscal and insolvency field, activities rendered as an example as follows:

Legal advice, assistance/representation before the courts, in civil cases having as object: family law, inheritance law, consumer law, social insurance and labour litigation law, as well as in the area of ​​contractual/criminal civil liability.

Drafting actions and other procedural documents within the case files having as object disputes with professionals, as well as assisting/representing before the courts of the country and abroad.

Legal assistance and representation of natural and legal persons before administrative bodies and before the administrative and fiscal litigation court in all procedural phases.

Drafting and supporting the actions and other procedural documents within the litigation related to the insolvency/bankruptcy proceeding.