Insolvency Procedure

Insolvency Procedure

Practice Areas:
  • Drafting and supporting the restructuring plan and other procedural documents related to the insolvency proceeding;
  • Drafting the applications of creditors for admitting claims in the insolvency/bankruptcy procedure of the debtors;
  • Drafting and supporting the actions and other procedural documents within the litigation related to the insolvency/bankruptcy proceeding (appeals to the preliminary/final list, actions for the annulment of fraudulent acts, for binding the personal liability of shareholders/directors, etc.).

As an insolvency practitioner, we provide services for drafting the file necessary to open the insolvency/bankruptcy proceeding, including the analysis of the financial-accounting documents of the debtor company, the management of insolvency procedures from the position of case manager, the drafting and implementation of reorganization plans, the follow-up of the claims of the debtor under insolvency, complex commercial transactions in which one of the parties is under insolvency and other services related to the insolvency/bankruptcy/judicial reorganization procedure.

These services are offered in collaboration with AMTT CONSULT SPRL, a company of insolvency practitioners with 20 years of experience in the field, with a portfolio of successfully instrumented case files until the closing of the procedure which concerned renowned clients in Cluj County.

We start from the specific needs of each client to offer solutions that respond to the interests of each professional, so that our clients receive permanent support, both in the prestart phase of the insolvency proceeding and during it, and after the completion of this procedure, by offering consultancy services characterized by a rigorous analysis of all alternatives and possibilities of action.
Through our services we aim to prevent the state of insolvency, the possibilities of reorganization and we try to transform the bankruptcy of traders into a last alternative.

We act with the utmost speed and we are constantly looking for new ways to solve legal problems by means of a creative approach to the judicial practice and the principles of law, adapted to the specificity of each case.
Responding to the complexity and requirements demanded by the insolvency proceedings, the Individual Office of Insolvency Practitioner Cristina Neamţ, in collaboration with the team of AMTT CONSULT SPRL, offers specific services aiming at:

  • Providing consultancy in direct connection with the opening of the insolvency proceedings, choosing the optimum methods of approach, proposing our clients the option to promote the reorganization or to open a bankruptcy procedure.
  • Analysing the activity of the clients either in order to identify their own insolvency status and formulating a strategy to prevent it, or, at the request of the creditors, an analysis of the activity of their debtors in order to provide sufficient information for tracing a real commercial policy in the relations with their clients.
  • Consultancy in the conclusion of contracts which aims mainly to protect clients through specific clauses against the possible contractual risks to which they are exposed, from the point of view of insolvency law.
  • Representing the clients’ interests both before opening the insolvency proceeding – in the relations with the banking institutions, in order to facilitate a fluent activity of the clients in difficulty, in order to avoid the state of insolvency, as well as within the proceeding by the direct representation of shareholders, taking over the status of official receiver especially or by the usual representation and advice of creditors throughout the procedure of their debtor.
  • Managing the bankruptcy procedure by serving the interests of the clients by means of the rigorous management of all legal and economic aspects, in order to meet the needs of each creditor.
  • Supervision of the reorganization procedure by proposing, drafting and ensuring the implementation of a reorganization plan by which, starting from the specific aspects of each debtor, one shall be able to guarantee for the creditors the coverage of the debts and for the debtor the real reintegration into the economic life.
  • Drawing up the economic-financial analyses necessary to establish the causes that led to the state of cessation of payments and to forecast the possibilities of recovery.
  • The capitalization, within a very efficient marketing system, of the assets of the insolvent company.
  • Drafting the reorganization plans both within own procedures and for the official creditors or receivers who have assumed this responsibility within their own procedures.
  • Recovery of debts for our clients by relating directly to the specific means offered by the insolvency procedure.

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